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The author: Anne-Laure Hennequin

With over twenty years of experience in international training for major fragrance companies, Anne-Laure approaches the world of perfume, its culture, and its brands with verve and passion.

In addition to designing “edutainment” training modules, which help all sales teams develop multicultural perfume expertise, she has developed a new concept of educational games about perfume for people curious about fragrance, seasoned enthusiasts, and novices alike.

A Word From the Mind Behind Master Parfums
Make it easier to learn about fragrance and bring perfume culture to the widest audience

“We live in an overly scented world, and yet our sense of smell remains the most underestimated, most underused sense. It’s also the most mysterious. Perfume intrigues us in that it evokes irrepressible emotions, yet remains invisible. Whatever their motivation may be (personal hygiene, seduction), and whatever the size of their pocketbooks, most people wear fragrance.

And yet, my experience has shown me that, unfortunately, training in perfume culture for sales staff is not a priority. They’re trained to sell new products, and sometimes to use specific sales techniques, but they rarely receive training in the topic that should be the foundation of their product expertise.

The result? Many “Sleeping Beauties” remain on the shelves, desperately waiting for someone to wake them up.
For lack of expertise, consumers have lost their way in the deluge of new fragrances that all seem to smell the same. This is a partial explanation for the rise of alternative fragrances, known as niche brands.

And since information about perfume culture isn’t often available in perfume stores, I thought: why not deliver it directly to consumers?

I felt I had a mission: to make it easier to learn about fragrance and bring perfume culture to the widest audience. Since the entire basis of my teachings is “edutainment” (“educaCtion”), it was quite natural for me to develop the concept of the Master Parfums® games.”

The Master Parfums Concept

Restore the grandeur of the fifth sense and dive into the world of perfume while playing the Master Parfums® educational games. Stimulate your sense of smell and your creativity, and “discover what your nose knows”!

The games are designed for fragrance lovers, whether they’re novices, connoisseurs, or enthusiasts—both current and future.

The games will introduce neophytes to perfume culture and allow seasoned enthusiasts to test and maybe even deepen their knowledge.

Two games let you both challenge and develop your olfactory memory, and they introduce you to simple yet effective vocabulary so you can more easily describe your olfactory emotions.

It’s the ideal gift to give to connoisseurs who’re always looking for new material focusing on what they are passionate about. In turn, these enthusiasts may also decide to give the games as gifts to others, to share their passion and draw in their loved ones.

Students and professionals from the industry may also have fun checking their knowledge and perfecting their expertise.

The collection begins with the Pocket Quiz fragrance card game and is followed by a series of olfactory games with a variety of themes.

With the olfactory games, you can practice recognizing accords and attempt to compose them to create new ones, potentially creating a sketch for a new fragrance.

The entire olfactory universe opens up to you: a wonderful voyage behind the scenes of our fifth sense and the magic of perfume.

So? What are you waiting for to discover what your nose knows?

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