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NEW: the Pocket Quiz travels the world!
MASTER PARFUMS® invites you to take off on a perfume tour of the world! Discover the world’s different fragrance cultures and customs with our new pocket game.
Master Parfums, the game that makes scents!
120 new questions, 40 olfactory challenges, 1 educational booklet to learn while having fun, 12 scent pens to challenge your olfactory memory, and 100 blotters to develop your creativity.
New! The Pocket Quiz special edition Jovoy.
Master Parfums Praised for Smell and Taste Therapy


Master Parfums is the first educational game about fragrance. Designed for adults over age 16, this game of sensory stimulation is suitable for enthusiasts and novices alike, in a family setting or with friends.

In this game of trivia and olfactory design, the sense of smell is picked apart, explained, and given the reverence it deserves so players can learn and have fun at the same time.

Discover the olfactory game that brings enthusiasts and novices together around perfume culture.

Put your perfume knowledge to the test with Master Parfums

With Master Parfums, you can learn while having fun!

Master Parfums is the first perfume culture and olfactory game brand that addresses a wide audience, 14 and up. The brand’s bestselling Master Parfums olfactory game is designed for perfume enthusiasts and novices alike.

The goal of the game? Become the “Master” by answering perfume culture questions and rising to olfactory challenges. Each question has 3 difficulty levels so that every player can participate: amateur, connoisseur and expert. Perfume history, olfactory palette, brands, mythology, perfumes and tips: the questions touch on the entire world of perfume to deepen your knowledge.

But that’s not all! Become apprentice perfumers by designing your own fragrance sketch using the 12 scent pens and 100 blotters. Perfect for putting your perfume knowledge to the test and surprising your friends and family with original scent combinations.

Now here’s a game that makes scents!

A game that leaves an unforgettable trail

New: discover our world edition Pocket Quiz

Learn all about perfume culture around the globe with our new MASTER PARFUMS® Pocket Quiz. This special edition will take you to every continent to explore the world’s different perfume cultures and customs.

Why are the flower-men of Siberut called that? What is dragon saliva for the Chinese? Where does Vanilla come from? What is qumqum used for in the Middle East?

Discover the answers to these questions as you play, and rub shoulders with 120 questions on the world of perfume from around the globe to become the MASTER PARFUMS® of the world!

Discover our travel version: the Master Parfums Pocket Quiz

Looking for a general knowledge game that fits in your pocket? Master Parfums presents its pocket-sized game: the MASTER PARFUMS® POCKET QUIZ. The Pocket Quiz features 120 questions about perfume culture that will help you learn as you play.

Perfume history, perfume secrets, olfactory palette, brands, perfumes and tips: the different question categories allow you to test your knowledge and challenge your friends! As in the full version of the game, the Pocket Quiz contains cards that will slow your progress and make it more difficult to become a “Master.”

In its protective box and small format, the Pocket Quiz can go everywhere you do.

Ready, get set, play!

20 years of experience turned into a one-of-a-kind game
About the founder of Master Parfums

The author: Anne-Laure Hennequin

Anne-Laure Hennequin embarked on the Master Parfums adventure with over twenty years of experience in international training for major fragrance companies. With this olfactory game brand, the fragrance enthusiast wanted to transform her expertise into a fun and educational experience that brings perfume culture to the widest audience.

“Master Parfums games are designed for adults, whether they are seasoned enthusiasts, perfume experts or just curious about fragrance. The games invite players to discover the world of fragrance and scent while having fun,” explains Anne-Laure. With its 120 general knowledge questions and its scent pens, her Master Parfums game is already a benchmark in the field. Perfume lovers enjoy playing in order to test their knowledge and share their passion for this world, while their friends and family have fun challenging themselves and learning something new.

“We live in an overly scented world, and yet our sense of smell remains the most underestimated, most underused sense. It’s also the most mysterious. Perfume intrigues us, because it sparks irrepressible emotions, while remaining invisible.” The unique concept of Master Parfums allows players to learn, improve their sense of smell and stimulate their creativity while having fun with their friends or family. So, let’s see what your nose knows!