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Master Parfums® Olfactory Game

Master Parfums is a unique game to explore the world of fragrance and smell while having fun!

Take turns drawing cards and answering the questions about perfume culture. Watch out! Don’t draw a trap card that could slow your progress towards earning the title of Master of Perfumes! Awaken your senses by designing a fragrance and put yourself in a perfumer’s shoes!

What’s in the box: 

  • 120 questions about the world of perfume (3 levels of difficulty and 4 categories)
  • 40 olfactory challenges
  • 1 educational booklet
  • 12 scent pens
  • 100 paper blotters


Rules of the Game

See what your nose knows with our game dedicated to the culture of the olfactory universe!
The game is composed of 120 questions about perfume and 40 olfactory challenges to awaken the senses.

For two or three players – or even in teams! The rules of the game are simple:

Take turns answering questions about the world of perfume and completing olfactory challenges! The first player to win 12 cards (4 colors, 3 levels = 12 cards collected) wins the game and becomes the Master of Perfumes! The winner can then create a fragrance by combining three of the game’s scent pens.

The perfume culture game cards are as follows:

  • Questions/answers: 4 color categories with 3 levels of difficulty (amateur, connoisseur, expert).
  • Players must pass all 3 levels to become a Master! The answers to the questions are on the back of the cards.
  • Ready, Set, Sniff!: this card presents an olfactory challenge in which the player must smell one or several scent pens. The olfactory facet table on pages 18 and 19 of the booklet can be used for assistance.
  • Create a fragrance: this card presents a brief with a type of perfume to design. Refer to the table on pages 22 and 23 of the booklet to help you accomplish this task.
  • Mystery: if you draw this card, you must return it to the bottom of the deck. Another player then draws the next card from the top of the deck and chooses which of the three questions you must answer.
  • Temporary anosmia: oh no! If you draw this card, you must skip your turn!
  • Master Parfums: this card must always remain on top of the deck to hide the next questions. On the back is an explanation of a fragrance composition (the olfactory pyramid).

How to use the scent pens

When you smell the pens, hold the tip of the pen a couple of inches away from your nose. If a pen touches your nose, its scent may remain on your skin and prevent you from smelling the other scents properly.

After smelling the pen, be sure to use the correct cap (it must have the same number as that on the pen itself) and to close it firmly (until you hear a click). This will help your pens last as long as possible.

Design a perfume sketch with Master Parfums

If you draw a “Create a fragrance” card, you must combine scents to create a fragrance from the olfactory family indicated on the card.
To do so, you can refer to the “Create a fragrance” table in the booklet on pages 22 and 23.

To create a fragrance with the Master Parfums olfactory game:

  • Take a blotter and select the three scent pens that you believe you need to create the fragrance of the olfactory family indicated on the card.
  • Trace a line at the top for the top notes.
  • Trace a second and third line in the middle for the middle/dominant notes.
  • Trace a line at the bottom for the base notes.

It is important to trace each line on a separate line to avoid contaminating the scent pens. This would alter their original scent and distort all of your future fragrance creations.

To discover the fragrance that you created, simply wave the blotter under your nose. This olfactory stimulation will revive your senses and that of the other players! It’s up to you to create the best combination to become a master in the subtle art of perfumery!

The winner of the game becomes the “Master of Perfumes.” This new title allows the winner to create their own fragrance with 3 scent pens of their choice.

Who can play the Master Parfums olfactory game?

Master Parfums is intended for players 16+. It’s the perfect game to learn while having fun! By stimulating the olfactory memory, this game can create future memories or recall past ones.

Whether you are a perfume enthusiast or not, Master Parfums is designed for anyone interested in discovering new scents and challenging their senses! The Master Parfums experience lets you both challenge and develop your olfactory memory, and introduces you to simple yet effective vocabulary so you can more easily describe your olfactory emotions.

The Olfactory Game is even recommended by speech therapists specialized in olfactory problems.
Students and professionals from the perfume industry may also have fun checking their knowledge and perfecting their expertise.

Anyone can participate, test their knowledge, enrich their olfactory vocabulary and learn new things about the fascinating world of perfume.

Whether you play with family or friends, this general knowledge game will let you learn while having fun!

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