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Thanks to speech therapist Véronique Le Lan, Master Parfums was featured in the latest issue of Ortho Magazine as an effective tool for smell and taste therapy!

Anne-Laure Hennequin, the game’s founder, explains:

“When cases of anosmia increased last year, I wasn’t too comfortable advertising the fact that the Master Parfums olfactory game and its scent pens could be helpful in smell recovery training—because I don’t have a medical background.

Today, to my delight, the game is used and recommended by speech therapists for post-anosmia therapy. I’m happy that Master Parfums can help patients in a fun way! Many thanks to Véronique L. for trying it out with her patients and recommending it in her training courses and recently published article in OrthoMagazine.”

It’s a point of pride for our game of perfume trivia and olfactory stimulation!